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Episode 4 (part 2): Abducted Truth

In this episode, Cal talks to Frank about his incredible UFO abduction story and its connection to the Adnan Syed case.  The interview in many ways leaves more questions than answers, but is fascinating nonetheless.

Episode 4 (part 1): Extraterrestrial Coincidences

In episode 4, Cal reveals a little bit about himself and dives into the most provocative innocence theory yet for Adnan: the involvement of visitors! Tune in next week for an exclusive interview with someone who directly encountered these Baltimore based visitors.

Episode 3: Incubus Syed

In this episode, Cal explores the demonic components of the Hae Min Lee murder in respectful fashion.

Episode 2: Blurry Visions

In the latest episode, Cal reveals the behind-the-scenes role that Hae Min Lee and Don’s employer, Lenscrafters, owned by global multinational Luxottica, played in manipulating the various pawns in this sad tale of corporate greed and control.

Episode 1: 21 Minutes till Doomsday

In this inaugural episode, Calvin Machiatto explores the controversial but compelling thesis that the Hae Min Lee disappearance relates to occult activity in Baltimore, and examines evidence and theories ignored by the mainstream podcasts and the standard investigations.


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